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Tubular Bells II

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Tubular Bells II

Lista brani
1. Sentinel 8:06
2. Dark Star 2:16
3. Clear Light 5:47
4. Blue Saloon 2:58
5. Sunjammer 2:32
6. Red Dawn 1:49
7. The Bell 6:55
8. Weightless 5:43
9. The Great Plain 4:46
10. Sunset Door 2:23
11. Tattoo 4:14
12. Altered State 5:12
13. Maya Gold 4:00
14. Moonshine 2:20

Composto da: Mike Oldfield
Prodotto da: Trevor Horn, Mike Oldfield e Tom Newman
Rilasciato il 31 Agosto 1992

Mike Oldfield suona: Electric guitar, Classical guitar, Flamenco guitar, 12 String guitar, Acoustic guitars, Mandolon, Banjo, Double speed guitar, Grand piano, Hammond organ, Syntesizers and programming, Timpani, Glockenspiel, Triangle, Tambourine, Cymbals, Toy percussion, Handclaps, Orchestral Bass Drum… ed in più, Tubular Bells.

Ingegneri del suono: Steve MacMillan, Tom Newman, Tim Weidner e Mike Oldfield.
Missaggio: Steve MacMillan e Mike Oldfield.
Digital Sound Processing: Eric Cadieux.
Additional Keyboards, Noises and Drum Loops: Jamie Muhoberac.
Drums in “Altered Sate”: John Robinson.
Vocals: Susannah Melvoin, Edie Lehman e Mike Oldfield.
Vocal Solo: Sally Bradshaww.
Bagpipes: P.D. Scots Pipe Band e Celtic Bevy Band.